Aliyah: Rising Stars


We are most pleased and proud of one of the special programs here at Temple Beth David: “ALIYAH: Rising Stars: A Program for Children with Special Needs and their Families.” The Hebrew word, “Aliyah,” means rising and going up. The word is probably familiar to many as being called up to the Torah to recite a blessing; it is also used when one immigrates to the State of Israel.

Through this is a relatively new program, we welcome all children to ‘rise up’ in the warm, educational and experiential environment of our synagogue and our Religious School. We invite current temple members and non-members in the community to join us. We welcome children with varied educational, social, physical and developmental needs, for whom a typical Religious School classroom may not be appropriate.

Please feel free to contact Shirley Offman @ 631.499.0915 x 323 directly and privately to discuss the specific needs of your child or any other questions you may have about our program. Our goal is to make every child and family feel welcome and comfortable at Temple Beth David.  Please share this information with other families in our neighborhood!