Chai Club

The object of the Chai Club is to provide a social venue for congenial, active, congregants of Temple Beth David their spouses and/or significant others; and to support the spiritual, intellectual, and financial activities of the Temple.

Members must be congregants (dues paying members) of Temple David, Commack New York, or a spouse or significant other person in a committed relationship with a congregant. There is no requirement that members of Chai Club have been members of the Temple for any specific period of time.

All present members happen to be fifty years of age or over; or be married to or the significant other of a member who is fifty years over.

I believe all present members are “empty nesters” with no (grand) child of their own under the age of 21 years of age living at home. Empty nester-ship is not a requirement of membership but meetings are not usually geared to hold the interest of teens and pre teens.

Dues are $20.00 per person for all or part of the fiscal year.

Meetings are usually held 10 months a year, either in the Temple or at some other venue.

For more information, call the Temple Office.