Registration Information for 2020-2021

Dear TBD Families,

As the summer begins, we want to, once again, thank you and your children for your support and participation in our remote learning this spring. During these uncertain times, it can often feel difficult to even make definite plans for dinner, let alone the coming months. Amidst all of this uncertainty, one of the things that we can count on is our commitment to each other, to our congregation and to the sacred task of Jewish learning.

Rest assured, TBD Religious School will continue in the fall with a meaningful and innovative program that ensures the safety and health of our learners and staff.

In order to plan effectively, as announced in the spring, we envision Religious School classes and tutoring to be held remotely through December. Our teachers are preparing during the summer months, including participating in webinars on Zoom technology designed for educators. We are aware that some students have particular challenges with distance learning, and we are exploring ways to meet their needs while maintaining everyone’s health and safety.

In addition to our regular classes, we envision adding small-group, in-person PACT and other family programs on Sundays and/or weeknight evenings designed and led by both of us, even while weekly lessons remain remote. Our planned combination of remote classes and in-person family workshops enables us to pivot seamlessly to a fully in-person learning environment as we face the changing and unpredictable situation around us. (See tentative schedule of classes and programs on the chart below.)

Craig Cooper, President of TBD, explained in a recent letter now posted on the temple website ( that the temple leadership is monitoring our public health issues and preparing appropriate protocols for temple functions, services and in-person gatherings. The Religious School will continue to follow their guidance as we take into consideration families’ concerns, building and classroom capacity and teacher availability.

Classes will begin early October, providing families and faculty enough time to be fully prepared for new formats and schedules. Since we are all still waiting for information from the public school systems, our official registration will begin on August 1st.

The temple leadership is well aware that this pandemic is having an unprecedented effect on our economy and on some families. Please contact the clergy if you have any financial concerns. We will assist you financially and emotionally as a valued member of our TBD family.

Like our ancestors before us, we will persevere through these trying times and gain strength by overcoming challenges. We look forward to another meaningful year for our TBD religious school and wish you all the best during the summer months.


Stay safe and healthy,


Rabbi Beth Klafter and Dr. Margie Gursky




We have created a tentative schedule for remote learning which can easily transition to an in-person program. While classes are remote, ALL students in Grades Two through Seven will receive weekly individual Hebrew tutorial sessions (via phone or video conference).  This schedule by grade includes remote lessons as well as the schedule we are anticipating when we return to the building.  30-minute remote classes will be scheduled within the time blocks noted. The exact time of each remote session will be provided in August.





(October through December)

Sunday lessons between 9:00am and noon.


Afternoon lessons between 4:30pm and 6:30pm

Sunday lessons and Family Programs between 9:00am and noon.


Afternoon lessons between 4:30pm and 6:30pm

Kindergarten – First Grade 30-minute lesson Sunday Sunday
Second & Third Grade 30-minute lesson Tuesday plus Hebrew tutorial Tuesday afternoon
Fourth Grade 30-minute lesson Wednesday and 30-minute lesson Sunday plus Hebrew tutorial Wednesday afternoon plus Hebrew tutorial
Fifth Grade 30-minute lesson Tuesday and 30-minute lesson Sunday plus Hebrew tutorial Tuesday afternoon plus Hebrew tutorial
Sixth Grade 30-minute lesson Wednesday and 30-minute lesson Sunday plus Hebrew tutorial Wednesday afternoon plus Hebrew tutorial
Seventh Grade 45-minute lesson Tuesday evening between 6:30pm-8:00pm pm plus Hebrew tutorial Tuesday evening (6:40pm-8:30pm)
PACT and Other Family Programs Sundays and Weeknight Evenings Sundays and Weeknight Evenings


(Click on the name of each prayer to hear it; page numbers are from Gates of Prayer):   
Haftarah Blessings
Mi Chamocha
Shalom Rav
Sim Shalom
Torah Blessings
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